Current Members

Dr  Ioan-Alexandru Baragau

Mr Zhen Lu 

Nanoparticles for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Taking into consideration the rapid decline of oil resources, the application of nanomaterials in EOR takes an important stand in among other approaches to increase oil recovery efficiency.

Mr Uthman Alli

Synthesis, characterisation and application of MXene derived materials in supercapacitor devices 

The research is focused on the synthesis, characterisation and performance assessment of MXene based nanomaterials. It aims to deliver supercapacitors with enhanced  energy density, energy-to-weight ratio and power-to-weight ratio thereby improving energy storage performance and contributing to a green process engineering.



Mr Kiem Nguyen

Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis of Carbon Based Nanomaterials

The optimised conversion of renewable biomass and waste-related components into useful nanomaterials is one of the biggest challenges for a sustainable world. The aim of my research project is to design and engineer biomass derived carbon quantum dots materials with unique properties delivered via green, single step CHFS approaches as well as studying and having an understanding of the mechanism behind the optical properties to provide a comprehensive structural and optical characterisation of biomass-derived CQDs.


Mr Conor Davids

2D Materials for Wireless Antennas

The aim of my project is to design, engineer and validate high-performance 2D nanomaterials for wireless communications. The 2D derivatives will be delivered via environmentally benign, rapid and controllable Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis (CHFS) route as well improved traditional methods when required. The as-synthesized and characterized materials will be printed into antennas and their performance will be tested..

File 14-10-2020, 11 41 01.jpeg

Mr Sunil Jayantha Hettiarachchi  

Enhancing engine oil performance using nanoparticles and bio-lubricants as additives

The research project aim to utilise nanoparticles and bio-lubricant to optimize internal combustion engine lubrication to reduce friction and wear leading to improve fuel consumption and to reduce exhaust emissions.

Previous Members

Dr Ioan-Alexandru Baragau (PhD student 2017-2021)

Mr Kelvin Sunday (MSc student, 2019-2020)

Mr Redda Hassan (MSc Student, (2019-2020)

Mr Edvaldo Neto (MSc student 2018-2020)

Mr Carlos J Mendes Buitrago (MSc student 2017-2018)

Mr Eduardo A. E Calizaya (Intern, 2017-2018)

Mr Tomas Gaffnney (Erasmus student, 2018)

Miss Zoe Devlin (Erasmus student, 2018)

Miss Miss Olusayo B. I. Ajetunmobi (2016-2017) 

Mr Arni Vaughn (2015-2016)

Mr Alexander Abbott (Intern, June-July 2016) 

Miss Jennifer Osunde ( Erasmus student, 6 months)