Current Members

Mr Ioan-Alexandru Baragau

2D Materials Design and Discovery

The overall vision of my project is focused on exploring and discovering new advanced functional nanocomposites. By developing/optimizing the CHFS and protocols, my research project will take an integrated approach covering synthesis through to characterisation. Ultimately, having a lasting impact on the way in which we utilize these novel nanomaterials for a wide range of applications to benefit science and importantly society.

Mr Zhen Lu 

Nanoparticles for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Taking into consideration the rapid decline of oil resources, the application of nanomaterials in EOR takes an important stand in among other approaches to increase oil recovery efficiency.

Mr Uthman Alli

Synthesis, characterisation and application of MXene derived materials in supercapacitor devices 

The project is focused on engineering Mxene based supercapacitors to provide excellent capacitive charge storage properties. This project is be looking into a prospective application of Mxene as a nanomaterial in engineering of lithium ion batteries as used in electric vehicles to enhance its energy density, energy-to-weight ratio and power - to- weight ratio thereby improving its performance and contributing to a green process engineering.

Mr Thomas Gaffnney

2D Materials for Water Treatment 

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is the provision of sustainable and affordable access to potable water. The World Economic Forum published its Global Risks Report in 2016, and ranked water crises as 3rd of the most impactful environmental and societal risks. Furthermore, it is listed as number 6 in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.To tackle this global challenge, there is a strong need to develop efficient and economical technologies/materials (2D derivatives) to treat water. This project takes an integrated approach covering synthesis through to characterization, composition and application for water treatment. 

Miss Zoe Devlin

Carbon based quantum dots

Mr Carlos J. Mendes Buitrago  

2D Materials for Water Treatment 

Mr Eduardo  A. E. Calizaya (Internship) 

Graphene based ink formulations 

Previous Members

Mr Edvaldo Neto (2018-2020)

Mr Carlos J Mendes Buitrago (2017-2018)

Mr Eduardo A. E Calizaya (Intern, 2017-2018)

Miss Miss Olusayo B. I. Ajetunmobi (2016-2017) 

Mr Arni Vaughn (2015-2016)

Mr Alexander Abbott (June-July 2016) internship

Miss Jennifer Osunde ( Erasmus student, 6 month)