Group Leader

The team is led by Dr Suela Kellici, who is an expert in innovative supercritical fluid technologies and advanced functional materials. Currently, Suela is Associate Professor in Chemical and Energy Engineering at LSBU. She has a degree in Chemistry and PhD in Materials Chemistry (both from Queen Mary University of London). She then worked on successful EPSRC funded project titled "High-Throughput Nanomaterials Discovery" at University College London, where she made extensive scientific contributions in combinatorial synthesis of nanomaterials.


Suela sits on the Editorial Board for the Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration, and is Postgraduate Research Director for her school. Previous roles included member of LSBU’s Recruitment & Outreach Forum and Research Committee.  Suela has been awarded several prizes including 1st prize in the "Materials Innovation for the 21st Century" and the “Increased Manufacturing Value” poster categories at the ChemEngDayUK 2014, for her work on synthesis of graphene given by University of Manchester. She is also the recipient of "Early Career Scientific Achievement, 2017" award (Staff Award 2017, School of Engineering, LSBU). The Nano2D Lab has been selected as finalist in ICHEME Global Awards 2020 in the Research Project category. 

Dr Kellici is recipient of InnovateUK funding, industrial partners, as well as EPSRC Grand Challenges and LSBU (fellowship and PhD funding). She has supervised and co-supervised a considerate number of UG, PG and Erasmus students. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is coordinator of outreach and PhD students related activities within LSBU and externally.