Nano2D Lab

Advanced Functional Materials


The research in Nano2D Lab focuses on designing and discovering 2D (as well as 3D, 1D, 0D) advanced functional materials, employing target-oriented approaches and clean technologies that provide effective solutions in the energy, environmental and biomedical applications.

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Group Photo
Group photo 2022
A Carbon-based World
NANO2D lab hosted secondary school children
Finalist in IChemE Global Awards 2020
Synthesis of blue-luminescent, excitation-independent nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots as nanosens
It's a MXene garden jamboree! !
Exfoliated MXene layers
Winner of the SPC PhD Category
Zhen Lu wins 1st prize the PhD division of 2020 SPE Europe Regional Student Paper (March 2020)
Kiem - SPE London (25/09/2019)
The Elements Song 2019
Suela on Channel 4
2018 Group photo
Graphene Turns 15
Saying "All the Best to Carlos"
Using water for 2D materials
Hoping for a high value!
Celebrating Women in Engineering
Safety always comes first!
The duo supporting #IWD19
Summer School
Hosting a secondary school placement
Graduation 2018
Graduation 2018
Alex presenting his latest research
This made my day
Made my day
PGR Summer School 2018
Great Demonstrations!
"Cool kids on the block"
Nano2D outing (II)
Nano2D outing (iii)
Well done on your presentations!
Visit to Royal Institution (4/2018)
Visit to Royal Institution (4/2018)
Early Career Scientific Achievement
Science Museum Trip
Science Museum
FoEDev (2017)
Outreach event, June 2017
Alex enjoying demonstrations
LSBU's wonderful technical support team.
Open Day 2017
3D printing our materials
Making Graphene Quantum Dots
Growing ZnO nanorods
2D thin MXene sheet
MXene crumpled sheets
MXene spheres
MXene scroll
Exfoliated 2D material
ZnO Nanorods
3D graphene nanocomposite
3D white graphene
Staff Award 2017
Staff Award 2017
ChemEngDayUK 2014